Garabandal  pilgrimages

Garabandal pilgrimages

Our main objective is to make known to all the people who are looking for us, the story of the apparitions of Our Lady of Carmel de Garabandal. For this, we organize pilgrimages every year with people from all countries.

Whenever possible we organize pilgrimages by bus with groups of 50 people, but we are also available to organize pilgrimages with groups of at least 8 people. If you are interested in being part of our pilgrimages contact us.

We made direct bus pilgrimages to Garabandal and bus pilgrimages where we included other routes with obligatory passage through Fatima, Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela ....

Where do we go?

Garabandal -  Fátima - Santarém - Santiago de Compostela -  Santo Toríbio de Liebana  -   Lourdes   -  Alba de Tormes - Ávila  -  Zaragoza  -  Covadonga - Tuy e Pontevedra - Lisboa - Porto

Our Pilgrimages photos ...

You can view all our photos of the pilgrimages we have done since 2008. Just click on the links below to access the complete photos of each pilgrimage.

Climb to the mountain of Garabandal ... come with us!


   10th - 23th July 2018

The apostolate of Garabandal in Portuguese declares that pre-registrations are open for the retreat / pilgrimage to Garabandal to be held between 10 and 23 July 2018.

Places to visit: Lisbon - Fátima - Santarém (Relic of the Eucharistic Miracle of Santarém) -Alba de Tormes - Ávila-Saragoza - Lourdes (France) - Loyola - Garabandal (retreat 4 days) -Santo Toríbio de Liebana- Covadonga- Santiago de Compostela -Tuy and Pontevedra - Porto.

Pilgrimage price / person: 1250 Euros

What is included in the price / person? It includes ground transportation (bus), accommodation in full board in double room (breakfast, lunch and dinner with drinks set in the menu for the group). If you wish to stay in a single room, add to the base value the respective individual supplements. The remaining expenses will be the responsibility of each pilgrim.

What kind of transportation will we use throughout our pilgrimage? From the point of departure in Lisbon, passing through all the places included in the pilgrimage, until the end of the pilgrimage in the city of Oporto), we will always use a 55-seat bus, fully equipped with air conditioning, and with a high level of comfort for long-term travel.

Type of accommodation: The price / person is defined for accommodation in double room with superior category. All rooms are equipped with own bathroom, and with the maximum comfort possible. In Garabandal, the local accommodation is simpler, but even so all rooms have also ensured their own bathroom. The accommodation experience in Garabandal will be unique and everyone will enjoy being there!

What will be the starting points of the pilgrimage? The starting point of the pilgrimage will be in the city of Lisbon on July 10, 2018. In order to facilitate the access of the pilgrims to the bus and once the bus is going to move from the north of the country to Lisbon, we are organizing other places of access (in the north and center of Portugal) to transport all the pilgrims, who so desire, to the starting point in Lisbon.

For all pilgrims arriving / leaving for the airport: For pilgrims arriving from other countries to Lisbon airport, a bus will be made available to take them to our starting point. At the end of the pilgrimage a bus will take all the pilgrims with marked flights back to the airport.

Offers: Each inscribed pilgrim will be offered a book of the apostolate on the apparitions of Our Lady of Carmel de Garabandal "Garabandal, urgent call to conversion" and a scapular of Carmel for later to be imposed by a priest.

Maximum number of entries: A maximum of 50 entries are accepted for this pilgrimage. Once the list is complete, a waiting list will be created in case there is any drop-out.

Minimum number of entries: To validate this pilgrimage, the list of pilgrims must have a minimum of 35 participants.

Registration validation: In the first stage, pre-registrations are accepted without payment. Subsequently in another phase to be announced by the apostolate, registration will only be validated after payment of an entry fee.

Pilgrimage 2018 itinerary : You can consult the detailed itinerary of the pilgrimage to Garabandal 2018 in the button below.

How to make your pre-registration: To register, you must complete the "2018 registration form" indicated on this page below.

Registration cancelation: Cancellations of air tickets or land pilgrimage will not be reimbursed after exceeding the maximum limit for their cancellation. The deadline for a cancellation will be announced by the apostolate in advance.  

Current number of pilgrims pre-registered for the pilgrimage of 2018:   22

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