1 of July, 1961: The Angel speaks

1 of July, 1961: The Angel speaks

The guardian angel of Portugal, St. Michael, came to Fatima three times in 1915 and three other times in 1916. At Garabandal, his manifestations were far more numerous. He is the one the little girls saw during the first nine days of the apparitions. He is the one who, later, often gave them the Eucharist; he again delivered the two famous Messages, etc.

Since the extraordinary grace that St. Joan of Arc brought to France, there have occurred no more comparable charismatic events involving St. Michael. Being the Archangel of the Apocalypse and of the gigantic battle that will oppose, in the end, the "powers of Light" to the 'powers of darkness,' here on earth, his presence at
Garabandal is a sign of the real approach of the "last times," and even of the "end of times" which will be particularly mentioned with all the "facts" that are of interest to us here. Because the Archangel is the protector of the people of God, the second session of the Second Vatican Council in 1963 was opened on his Feastday, 29th of September.

On this Saturday, 1st of July, St. Michael, for the first time, broke the silence in which the ecstasies had been unfolding until then:

"Do you know why I have come?", he asked the children.

-- No, they replied.

"To tell you that tomorrow, Sunday, the Virgin Mary will appear to you under the title of "Our Lady of Mount Carmel."

Then he asked the visionaries this other question: "Do you know what is written on the placard (escritorio)?"

-- No!

"The Blessed Virgin will tell you."

[Excerpted from "Garabandal" Book, page 41.]

St. Michael is certainly one of my favorite friends and protector! I pray often his exorcism prayer and 'The Chaplet of St. Michael' daily . . . How many times has he come to my defense and rescue!!! I can't wait to see him and thank him in his presence for all he has done for me and my family and friends.