The First message

18 October 1961

All aspects of the phenomenal appearances did not have its end here. It was a process that Our Lady used to attract our attention and power to give us an urgent communication. On July 4, 1961, N. Lady gave a message to the girls and asked them to inform the public on 18 October 1961. As the general population informed well in advance, more than 3,000 people flocked to the village, under the severity of rain-soaked one day (in my opinion for people to understand then the meaning of the message, particularly on the meaning of sacrifice) , to hear the following:

"We have to make many sacrifices, much penance, visiting the Blessed Sacrament frequently, but we must be very good and if we do not, we come upon a punishment. The cup is filling up and we do not change if we come upon a very great punishment. " 





Desire of the Blessed Virgin was that this message became universally known.


The second message

June 18, 1965

Near the end of the apparitions, Our Lady told the seers that he was unhappy because his first message had been unnoticed by the world. Therefore announced that it would take a second message, which would be the last, through the intercession of St. Michael, on June 18, 1965. With the approach of the appointed day, thousands of visitors from Spain and many foreign countries, overcrowd the small mountain village to witness the apparition and to hear the following message of the Blessed Virgin:


"Because of my message of October 18 was not followed or made ​​known to the world, I warn you, therefore, that this is the last. At first, the cup was filling, is now overflowing. Many cardinals, bishops and priests are on the road to perdition and many souls go with them. It is becoming less important to the Eucharist. you should turn the wrath of God upon you in your efforts. If you ask Him for forgiveness with sincerity of your soul, He will forgive you. I, your Mother, through the intercession of the angel S. Michael, I want you to tell you that I said. Now ye are the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Ask us and we sincerely give you. You must sacrifice yourselves more. Think of the Passion of Jesus. "



1 - The future warning to humanity


As for the warning, early references dating from January 1, 1965. On this day, Conchita was alone in the pines, when the Virgin told him to give one last message to the world, which would end the cycle of Garabandal. Then sent a particular message, which she promptly informed the priest Laffineur. It says:

"Notice that the Virgin will give us is the way of punishment for bringing the good closer to God and to warn others. What is the warning, I can not reveal. The Virgin asked me to keep secret. May God that, by this Notice, the amended and commit more sins against him. "

"It will cause deaths?" - Asked him written Laffineur.

"If we die" - was the answer, "not because of the warning itself, but by emotion we have to see it and feel it."

"Simple words, clear and very accurate" - Laffineur said. "They should suffice, as they should have been enough to Sister Lucia, Fatima, when, in 1938, wrote to his bishop:" I believe that what we call the aurora borealis is just the signal that the Virgin gave me that the prophesied events are coming. "Such events have made more than 26 million dead."

On the nature of the Notice, we still have this explanation of his aunt Conchita Maximina, which she later recorded in writing: "He told me that one day we would suffer a horrible disaster. In all parts of the world. No one will escape. Good for be closer to God, others, to make amends. It would be better to die than to endure for five minutes to go, what to expect. "

"Since its implementation will be a new source of credibility, announce it and reseat it is all the more fraternal solicitude that we can have toward the world," advises Father Laffineur.

"If I did not know the punishment that is to come" - Conchita continues, explaining to the young Angelita - "I would say that there is no punishment greater than the warning. But it will last a very short time."

"It will be horrible in its highest degree" - further explains. "Oh, if I could tell it to you all as the Virgin told me to me! It is a fruit of our sins. Can be produced from one moment to another, I hope you all day. If they knew what is, would be horrified. "

"Why not make it public to know that all who come here?" - Asks someone.

"I'm tired of saying, if nobody does."

Days later, back to the point:

"Conchita, since I made ​​these confessions, I often think in heaven."

"Me too" - answers the seer. "Especially when I go to bed. I'm afraid that happens overnight. We do not realize the extent to which offend the Lord. The Virgin told me that everyone knows of the existence of hell and heaven. But think it only out of fear rather than love of God. On account of our sins, we ourselves because of the nature of the notice. "

Other explanations found in the responses to a questionnaire of 14 September 1965:

"The Warning is something that comes directly from God. It will be visible worldwide, regardless of where someone is located. It will be like the revelation (inside each one) of our sins. Seeing it and will feel both believers and nonbelievers of all countries. " And more: "It's like a purification for the Miracle. It's like a catastrophe. It will cause us to think in the dead, that is, we prefer to be dead to suffer the Avis".

When the effects on the heart of each one, Conchita said: "The correction notice will be an awareness of the world ... The Lord will send it to purify us, so we can better appreciate the miracle by which he proved to us clearly or am his. "

One lady, after hearing the explanations of Conchita remarked:

"We know that is approaching the Earth a comet. Is not this Notice?"

"I do not know what a comet. But if it is something that depends on the will of men, no. If, however, depends on God, is possible."

"We went towards the church" - goes the lady - and Conchita took me by the arm."I said to him:"

"Conchita, pray for me, I'm afraid, very afraid."

"Yes, the warning is terrible! Thousand times worse than earthquakes."

You pales.

"What is the nature of the warning?" - Question.

"It will be like fire. Do not burn our flesh, but the feel in body and spirit. All nations and all people will feel the same way. No one will escape. And even unbelievers know the fear of God. Even if you goals at home and close the door and shutters, not escape, you'll feel and see, though. Yes, it is true that the Virgin told me the name of the phenomenon. This name appears in the dictionary. begins with A. But asked me not to reveal. "

Conchita, I'm so scared!

Smiling, she took her friend by the arm:

"Yes, but after the warning, you will love God more."

A complementary aspect of the statements is provided by Conchita Jacinta, in February 1976: "The Warning is of very short duration, a few minutes, but this soon will become tremendously long, the pain we cause ... come upon us like a fire from heaven, that will resonate deeply within each one. In this light we see very clearly the state of our consciousness, we'll see what God means to lose, feel the purifying action of a flame burning. In short, is like going through the court still in private life, the intimacy of each one. "



This purification has finally let us in shape for the Miracle, otherwise, how could we resist the superhuman and wonderful experience that we will have a miracle?Perhaps it was not passed prior notice by the death of Father Luis Andreu, hours after he contemplated what he still saw no girls.

2 - The future miracle


All these little wonders, as well as those suggested so on, seen only from a limited number of witnesses, there are more signs that proclaim the great miracles that will be seen by millions of people. "The Virgin said to me a great miracle - Conchita trust your diary - do for God through her intercession. As the punishment is too great, the Miracle is also very large, such as the world needs."

In these brief references met the "promise of a visible and supernatural phenomenon, that the world needs such as food to the mouth. The world needs to be shaken to its foundations rationalists and positivists, in his pride technological unbeatable. The Miracle answers these needs and seems to point to the conversion of men, to the reconsideration of his nothingness before the wonders of God, "says the author of Garabandal, continuation of Fatima.

"The Miracle of Garabandal - the psychic explains to a French family - will be much larger, much more exciting than that of Fatima. The people who witness will be staggered so that no doubt will come out with. It would require that all the world were present at Miracle, because then there would surely punishment, since all would believe. "

In conversation with Sanchez-Ventura, lift the tip of the veil that obscures the nature of the miracle, "a sign appears in heaven, so characteristic and striking, that no one can deny the reality of wonder."


"It will last about seven minutes and will begin at 8:30 in the evening, at which time the angel first appeared. His will be a brand, a permanent visible sign of the pines, which prove not to have been made ​​by human hands. It will be available to all the "Thomases" that still need to see to believe. "It will be similar to a column made ​​of an unknown substance, visible but not palpable. You may be photographed, filmed, televised.View will be something that is not of this world. You can witness it all who are in the village and surrounding area. Patients who meet in the village will be healed. Will take place on Thursday, coinciding with the celebration of a young martyr of the Eucharist. "

It is, as we see, a phenomenon of global dimensions, "the greatest miracle ever performed by Christ on behalf of humanity." Not in the Old or New Testament we find wonders of such magnitude, nor in time nor in space. It will be one of those signs by the prophet Joel announced for the end times "achieving wonders in heaven and on earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke" (Joel 3.3 to 4) and confirmed by Peter in front of the Cenacle (At2, 14 - 21).

Conchita knows the exact date and communicated to Pope Paul VI, and his confessor to Cardinal Ottaviani, then prefect of the Holy Office, now the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and two others, whose names were not revealed.

The Miracle occurs less than one year after the Warning. Eight days earlier, Conchita begun to disseminate the TA. "In all likelihood - the magazine explains" Needles ":


"At midnight'll let Joey, radio, television and all people around the world, feel able to help spread the word quickly. I have no fears in this regard. I know that the Virgin wanted you there, there'll be ... The Virgin never lies ... She said I gave you everything you needed, I gave you everything you could want. Everything is ready to get to the end of the message. "



If you want to know more about the Miracle of Garabandal future, please click here.


3 - The Future Punishment (conditional)


The vision of the seers Punishment was shown in two unforgettable nights in the history of Garabandal - 19 and June 20, 1962. Jacinta and Loli went together to the pines. They signaled to the gifts that keep at a distance. This time went without the accompaniment of Conchita. Suddenly there came cries of panic, when the veil of the future they could foresee was raised and scenes of great punishment.Trembling, shaking down their arms, to ward off something awful.

Behold, at that very moment, in your home, Conchita also fell into ecstasy. The minutes were not spent, the merchant and came from Santander, Placido Ruiloba, visibly upset by the emotion.

Not heard the screams of the girls? - Asked. - It was amazing!

The scene was repeated the next night, now also with the presence of Conchita."Releasing screams impressive" - ​​attests Eloisa Roza. They said, 'Wait! Wait! To confess all! Ouch! Alas'. We began to pray and ask for forgiveness publicly. "

The superior of a Franciscan convent of Santander, Friar Felix Larrazabal, invited the party to carry the body of God, which that year fell in 1962 June 21, was present among the people. Listening to those awful screams - yet Eloisa account -"began to pray aloud, and we follow him ... But it was enough to stop a moment for the girls in the most harrowing return to calming crying and screaming ... up again when the prayer went on. "

You can not imagine

Ecstasy finished by 2 am. "So they came to where was the crowd" - says Maria Herrero - "his face awash with tears. They asked everyone to confession and Communion, as a horrible thing would happen ... Jacinta's mother who, upon hearing cries the first, had tried in vain to reach her ​​daughter was trembling. said he spent so much fear, pain could no longer mir. "

Six years later, the famous builder of the town, Pepe Díez, remember those nights as well: "... I can say that I was never afraid. Ando dead of night in any town and even the roads further away. I have never experienced any alarm. But those nights of the screams, gathered there in the dark, listening to the distant cries and moans of the girls, I felt my legs tremble so that his knees smote one against another, unable to control myself. You can not imagine what it was that. I've never seen anything like it. "

Despite the late hour, nobody moved. "We continue to pray the Rosary with Father until 6 am, when he went to church, followed by all the people. Then began the parade of confessions ... with a sincere repentance and a truly extraordinary" - concludes Eloíza Roza .

Nor could it be otherwise, after that most personal and community preparedness.Upon hearing the screams of the girls, everyone could feel what it experimentally, usually known only by words: "Holy fear of God", which is a gift of the Holy Spirit, and that the Bible stands as the "beginning of wisdom" (Psalm 110.10).

On this night there is a short message, signed by Jacinta and Loli. Although children's language, it shows what they experienced: "The Virgin said that we do not expect the punishment, but it will come without the wait. Because the world has not changed, and this time she said it twice. And we do not you pay attention, because the world is worse. You have to change much, and still nothing has changed. Get ready to confess and that the punishment will come soon and the world remains the same. Too bad that does not change! coming soon punishment, very much, if not change. "



An amazing coincidence



A more informative Loli find in this text, delivered to the Mexican priest Gustavo Morelos, founder of the White Legion of Our Lady of Mount Caramel:

"While we continue seeing the Virgin, we begin to see a great multitude, who suffered a lot and cried with the greatest anguish ... Then she made ​​us see how it will come to all mankind, the great punishment, and that this will directly of God ... At some point, no motor or engine work. A terrible heat wave will strike the earth, and men begin to feel a very great thirst, desperately seek water, but that because of the high heat will evaporate . Then almost all fall into despair and try to kill each other, but they lack the strength and will fall to the ground. It will be the time to understand precisely what is God who is allowing this. "" Finally, we saw a crowd of people wrapped in flames. ran to throw himself in the seas and lakes, but, on entering the water, and this seemed to boil, instead of the blaze was as if the assets still more. It was so terrible that I asked the Virgin to take with our children before this happens. But she told us then it will be great. "

Conchita's description also makes reference to the fire: "I saw the punishment and I can assure you that if it happens it will be worse than if we were surrounded by fire, worse than if we had hot coals under his feet and over the head" .

Later, speaking to a group of Americans who came on pilgrimage to Garabandal, Conchita returned to the matter thus:

"The Virgin will do the miracle to avoid punishment, although punishment can not be avoided, because we lost to the sense of sin. Now we come to such an extreme, that God must punish us."

"For an amazing coincidence" - Perez also notes - "the words of Conchita, the illiterate teenager from the mountains, to give those other two brilliant minds of our time: Pope John Paul II and the writer and philosopher Maurice Clavel, recently converted ".

"Modern man - the first notes - find the threat of an impassive and still the spiritual destruction of consciousness. This death is something deeper than sin: death is the sense of sin."

Likewise, Clavel, "It's the first time in history and politics of our world, sin no longer represents an imperfection that is necessary to correct or limit in its consequences, on the contrary, became the spring, the motor, the active ingredient, the soul of human society. "

"The man of today - says the Pope - is facing threats and temptations of evil as great as, undoubtedly, never experienced to date."

Words on which Perez weaves these considerations: "It is the evil of his triumph in the dome when it comes to getting the man, denying himself as an individual or collective self destroy physically, intellectually, spiritually or morally, in name of his independence, his release or his loss of hope. "